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What It Means
To Be Really Happy &
To "Be You"...!!!

Because it is our birth right to be happy. And most importantly, it is our duty to choose to be happy.

But are we really happy? Do we give enough importance to our own happiness? Do we seriously prioritise our own happiness?

Maybe Not…!!!

But now it’s high time we realise how important it is to be happy.

And to make ‘Being Happy’ our choice, our priority.

You & Love: Connection !!!

CS Neha Bajaj, Founder, Beatific Escapade explains the connection between ‘You’ & ‘Love’ in this quote written by her- ‘The Wanderer Neha Bajaj’

Our story

About Beatific Escapade

In today’s digital age, life has been 10X faster than what it was even 10 years back. Now, every person is a ‘SMART’ person who has a smartphone in hand and a smart TV on wall.

May be people have been successful in creating a smart life, but ever thought of creating a ‘HAPPY’ life?

Always remember that ‘Smart Life’ is smart enough to take away precious moments of happiness in lure of useless moments of materialistic gains.

And this is our endeavour to make YOU realise how much important is Your Happiness, how much precious is to ‘Be You’.

CS Neha Bajaj, Founder, Beatific Escapade, has launched this online platform to provide an opportunity for people to connect with their true self and to learn and re-learn the importance of Happiness and the essence of “Being You” and much more…!!!


to help people realise the importance of real happiness


to encourage them to 'BE YOU"

Yet Another Happy Quote

Choose Wisely…!!!

Choose ‘You’ & ‘Your Happiness’- Always, Unconditionally…!!!

Does Happiness Matters To You Too???

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And let us help you in creating a happy world where YOU matters the most.


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'Beatific' implies a serene or beautiful view of something while 'Escapade' is associated with travelling. With, the Founder, CS Neha Bajaj, intend to dive deep into the most important yet most ignorant of everyone's life in today's day & age and that is 'our own happiness'.

This platform is my endeavour to provide a platform to just let your heart travel and wander and do things your heart loves to do (and which, for sure, must be ethical too & not doing any harm to others) and be open to explore new areas you're passionate about.
CS Neha Bajaj
Company Secretary, Digital Marketing Expert, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker, Author of an Upcoming Book &
'A Human' who believe in Self-Love

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