Welcome Back To The More Happy You

Hey Friends,

Welcome to this beautiful platform of Beatific Escapade.

Now you might think- ‘What’s beautiful? It’s just another blog you are reading.

But I believe that in today’s hustle and bustle of life, everyone is missing out on something really important.


And Beatific Escapade only aims at bridging the gap between you and your happiness.

Here, it is believed that you are special and you have a right to be happy- To Be YOU…!!!

Your heart is a wanderer and if you allow it to do its own will, your heart will not walk or roam around, rather it’ll fly high and would leave you mesmerised by thinking of doing thousands of things it loves doing.

So, let your heart fly and do everything possible to be happy- Be You.

P.S.: If you’re doing something that is making you happy without disturbing Our Mother Nature and without compromising with the happiness of people and society at large, then it’s important to Keep Yourself Happy.

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