Digital Marketing…An Interesting Addition of Freshness to Marketing

Introduction To Digital Marketing:

Learning and upgrading one’s skills and knowledge has always been a top priority for everyone. No one can under-estimate the importance of good education and the positive impact it can leave on society as a whole. And we all look up to our education system when it comes to imparting knowledge and creating professionals in the field of science, technology, commerce or arts.

But nowadays, it is being felt that the education system is not enough for the level of knowledge required to survive in this competitive world where new technology is emerging with the blink of an eye. Students are still learning the same history, geography and science in this day and age when the outside world is adapting to the revolution created by Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, etc.

And one of the evergreen fields among these new fields of technology is ‘Digital Marketing’.

Meaning of The Term ‘Digital Marketing’:

In literal terms, the term ‘digital marketing’ can be understood as the process of doing marketing by leveraging digital media. But the domain of digital marketing is not as simple as it seems to be. Rather, it involves the complex integration of all the sub-domains viz. content marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, etc. [Discussed Later].

Learning Digital Marketing:

In this age of Information Technology (IT), information is made available to end-users via social platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. which provides you with an option to learn from as many teachers as you want to learn the required skills. Nowadays, influencers are on the rise. Instagram Influencers, LinkedIn influencers, TikTok Influencers, etc. you think of a platform and you’ll find an influencer mastering the skills and technical knowledge of that particular platform. Users can anytime start following such influencers and other online teachers and start consuming a large chunk of information at once.

The biggest advantage of consuming information from such platforms is the availability of required information as and when needed. Another benefit of learning in this mode is the availability of endless information.

However, all these information are scattered. Users need to be very cautious while learning this scattered information and are required to be even more careful while applying them in practical life.

Also, consuming large pieces of information will not be of much help. Rather, it will only add up to the level of confusion regarding the particular subject matter which can ultimately lead to loss of interest in learning the same and even leave the same forever.

And in such a scenario, the end result is a waste of time and money with a higher level of frustration and lower level of desire to learn anything new. In such cases, it is always better to start learning from a mentor who will provide you with structured information while keeping all confusions, doubts, time and money waste at bay.

And this is what exactly DigitalDeepak’s 3-months internship program promises to offer- no time waste, no money waste, no overwhelming doses of information-sharing and hence no doubts and confusions.

DigitalDeepak’s 3-Month Internship Program:

What is this 3-Month Internship Program all about?

In the present day’s pool of knowledge-givers, a unique 3-Month’s Internship Program is being offered by Digital Deepak which aims at covering all the crucial aspects of digital marketing including integration system (as mentioned above) and creating digital marketing experts.

The internship will provide an opportunity to its participants to have a hands-on experience on practical aspects of digital marketing while learning about its sub-domains such as website management, blogging, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and more.

And guess what, it’s first day’s class has already been conducted. Class 1 is always about the introduction and this one was really awesome where
Digital Deepak so specifically detailed about all the crucial aspects to be considered while learning digital marketing.

Key Takeaways:

Let’s discuss some key takeaways from the Class 1 of DigitalDeepak’s 3-Months Internship Program:

1.Finding the Gold- Your Niche:

Finding a niche is a very crucial aspect and if done successfully, half the battle is already won. Select a niche about which you are passionate about and which solves people’s problems as well. The more specific your niche is, the better it is. This is clearly reflected in the statement- “Riches are in the Niches”.

2.Communication Skills:

The latest technology is important but the importance of good communication skills can not be underestimated. If you are having communication skills, then technology can be learnt as well but without good communication skills, even if you are a master of your technical skills, you will not be able to communicate the same to your audience and that will be a big loophole towards failure.

3.Future of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing = Digitization (Technology) + Marketing

Irrespective of the market scenario, marketing will continue and leveraging digital media will only further enhance its effects. So, digital marketing is evergreen.

4. Integrated Digital Marketing:

Source: Digital Deepak

A really effective way to make your digital marketing strategy work is by perfectly integrating all its components as can be clearly seen in the picture above.


Image by ar130405 from Pixabay

This is a crucial stage wherein detailed research is required to be carried out to understand the various crucial aspects that affect the business as a whole. It includes market research, keyword research and most importantly, competitor research.

Market Research is when you make an attempt to solve other people’s problems since you had faced similar problems as well. Hence, based on your own experience, you will be able to better understand their problems and hence lead them towards a solution.

To understand what market needs, it is always advisable to carry out keyword research. Various tools such as Adwords, UberSuggest, Answer the public, Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, Search Console, etc. can be used to understand the market opportunity in a place where purchases intent is high. However, it is important to note that keyword research is not 100% accurate. However, it is still a popular way to find an approximate idea of the market needs and market opportunity.


Summarising the key takeaways, it can be concluded that:

1.Deciding where to compete is half your success.

2. Read, Listen, Write, Watch and Speak to improve your communication skills.

3. The riches are in the niches. If you are everything to everyone, you will be nothing to no one.

4. Scratch your own itch. You will understand the problem well when you have that problem.

Digital Marketing is a very interesting field but learning it in a structured manner is the key.

Any views, suggestions or comments on the topic are most welcome.

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Till then, Keep Learning and Keep Growing.

To Your Success,
Neha Bajaj

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