At Beatific Escapade, It’s All About Self-Love

February is about to start and it is the time to welcome ‘Valentine’s Day’ which is celebrated on 14th February every year. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your love- not only with your special someone but also with your family and friends.

It is a human nature to give love and respect to others and to care for them. But the way we treat others is mostly different from how we treat ourselves.


We show our respect and care when in conversation with them because we love them. But do we show the same respect and care to ourselves? Do we love ourselves the same way?

Not exactly!

We all strive to achieve excellence in all the core areas of our life- be it health, wealth or relationship- and work to be perfect in each one of them. But do we ever think of devoting even a second to excel in the most important area of our life- ‘Self-Love’? 

Most probably not!

Do you feel self love is all about having a beauty makeover or feeling special with that special someone of yours in your life or earning quite a handsome amount of salary per month? Surely, all these may amplify your “feel good ” factor, but this is not self love for sure. 

What exactly is self-love?

Self love is a lot more than the ‘feel good’ factor. It is a state of appreciation for yourself while fully accepting you who really are. You no longer try to hide your weaknesses and focus only on your strengths. Rather, you accept your weaknesses as graciously as your strengths and are very much comfortable facing them. 
And once you are in harmony with your weaknesses, you no longer feel the need to explain anyone else about your actions or feelings. You are self-contained within yourselves and you’re happy with this feeling.
Not only this,  self love enables you to acknowledge the more deeper meaning of your life. You no longer look around to find ways to just survive. Rather, you will struggle to look for and understand the real purpose of your life. You’re more compassionate towards yourself and this becomes your pillar of support and strength to drive you relentlessly towards achieving your life’s purpose.
Self love is dynamic and is associated with actions that are directed towards your growth at physical, psychological and spiritual level. It is a journey which requires your dedication and devotion to practice it regularly.

Buddha once said-

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”

Benefits of practicing self-love:

The phrase- “every coin has two sides” holds true for many aspects but surely not when we talk about self love.

Self love is a force which, if practiced regularly, will deliver exponential growth in all perspectives of your life since it will raise the bar of your self-confidence to a newer height.

It’ll make you realise that not being perfect at something (or anything for that matter) is fine as long as you value yourself- you love yourself.

Kristin Neff, a Professor of human development at the University of Texas, Austin, once said-

“Love, connection and acceptance are your birthright”.

Even United Nations has moved ahead  and adopted a resolution which recognises that

“The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal”.


All the above statements clearly reflects the positive effect of self-love.  And there are ways and methods to practice self love. 

But what’s most important is that self love is not selfish love. Rather, it makes you more compassionate and more resilient and will only help you grow your bond with others.

So, we must resolve to practice self-love on daily basis and become the best version of ourselves.

And at Beatific Escapade, we are committed to help people realise that how important is it for them to love themselves, to acknowledge themselves the way they are and to accept the same version of themselves and thereafter, start their journey of becoming the best version of themselves.

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